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Department of Justice bulletin – Flexible Working Hours

Bulletin to Dept. of Justice – Flexible Working Hours – 6 May 2016 (PDF version)

As PSA members in Justice will be aware, the Department gave notice in October last year to terminate flex agreements. That notice is up in October of this year.

Management has only recently given the PSA and staff its proposal, a copy of which is HERE, and a summary, which is HERE.

For many members, management’s proposal will have a detrimental impact and the PSA will be fighting for a better deal.

One of the factors impacting on these negotiations is the NSW Government’s bargaining parameters, a copy of which are HERE.

The bargaining parameters are completely inconsistent with the Premier’s statement on International Women’s Day, a copy of which is HERE.

The PSA has written to NSW Industrial Relations and the Department calling for a moratorium on negotiations and an extension of the notice period.

A copy of the letter to NSW Industrial Relations is HERE. A copy of the letter to the Department is HERE.

Your union is yet to receive a response from the Department specifically. However, we have received a response from NSW Industrial Relations declining our request. A copy of the response is HERE.

Furthermore, at the last Joint Consultative Committee (JCC), the PSA asked for an extension to the notice period due to the inordinate delay in the Department sending the PSA their proposal.

Your union is awaiting a response from the Department and will then consider its options. In the meantime, we will commence discussions with the Department in order to have our voice heard.

The PSA will keep members informed about the progress of this issue. Below is a list of delegates for flex agreement:

Lynette Bak – Courts and Tribunals

Jeffrey Walters – Courts and Tribunals

Kylie McKelvie – Corrective Services

Craig Wunsch – Corrective Services

Christopher Moore – NCAT

Daniel Kirton – NCAT

Carmen Wells – Corrective Services (Community Corrections)

Jeanette Clarke – Juvenile Justice

Paul Gavin – Trustee and Guardian

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