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Department of Justice Organisational Performance & Operations Restructure

Dept of Justice Organisational performance and operations restructure – May 2016 (PDF version)

On Wednesday 20 April 2016, the PSA met with NSW Department of Justice regarding its recent announcement of the OPOD Restructure, which currently involves:

  • Asset Management Services
  • Office of the General Counsel
  • Information Technology Services.

This meeting was held after the information session with staff.

Changes to these divisions have the potential to affect all staff, so it is important you read the change proposal documents HERE.

In the meeting with the Justice Department, the PSA was advised there would be the opportunity for staff to place expressions of interests for voluntary redundancies. This expression of interest has been extended to staff with a cut-off date of 10 May 2016.

At recent PSA members’ meetings with those affected by the OPOD Restructure in the Justice Department, concerns were raised about recent departmental communications. In particular, members were concerned about their rights and obligations with respect to the time limited expression of interest for voluntary redundancy.

Members are advised to bear in mind:

  • an expression of interest is just that – an expression of interest
  • an expression of interest does not form any obligation upon either the agency or member
  • you may or may not be offered a voluntary redundancy
  • if and when your expression of interest is accepted, you may choose to accept or not accept the voluntary redundancy offer
  • the Department is obliged to apply the Managing Excess Employees Policy HERE. Staff who do not express interest are not excluded from offers of voluntary redundancies if made excess.

There will be training provided for job interviews, as well as résumé-writing for staff.

We are at the beginning of the consultation process and the draft management plans are yet to be released for further consultation. However, it is agreed this will occur prior to implementation.

The PSA has asked for the current number of roles in the relevant areas so that we can assess the impact on job security for members. The Justice Department are yet to get back to us on this.

The PSA will send out a further update after our next meeting with the Justice Department.

What can you do?

Encourage your colleagues to join the PSA and attend PSA and/or members’ meetings at every opportunity. Issues of concern should be raised with your workplace delegates or email Jessica Moore at

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