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Destination NSW Award discussions update

Destination NSW Award discussions update – February 2019 (pdf version)

Over the past few months, discussions have been occurring between the PSA and the management of Destination NSW regarding award conditions for employees.

While management has stated matters have been progressing well. the PSA has a significantly different view. There has been little, if any, movement on significant matters.

On 12 February 2019 the PSA was once more in the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) advocating in regards to award conditions on behalf of its members.

Further, the PSA informed the Commission that it has formed the view that Destination NSW, as a public service agency, comes under the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Award 2009 and your union will be amending its application to the IRC to seek a determination on that.

The PSA also advised the Commission that an independent assessment be undertaken of role descriptions that involved PSA members. Whether staff are correctly graded and appropriately paid is a significant issue for the PSA.

To date, Destination NSW has not provided the PSA with role descriptions or a clear explanation on how staff are being paid.

The Chief Commissioner has advised the parties to meet and there will be a report back before the IRC on 11 March.

Management representatives expressed shock at our actions in the IRC and expressed the view that staff were very happy with their situation. They advised that no-one attended PSA meetings so had no interest.

The PSA advised the Commission that staff felt intimidated regarding meetings held in the office.

In negotiations to date, Destination NSW management advised that:

  • it would not move on such things as time in lieu or overtime
  • it was not prepared to tie salaries to the salaries award
  • staff have sufficient flexibility.

The PSA urges its members to remain strong and for non-members to join the PSA. A collective voice is a strong voice.

We encourage this bulletin being distributed widely in the workplace.

Let non-members know what the union is doing, encourage them to join HERE.


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