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DFSI Christmas closedown

DFSI Christmas closedown – 28 November (PDF Version)

On Tuesday, November 15 DFSI issued a memo titled ‘DFSI Christmas closedown’ employees.

A link to the DFSI memo is HERE.

Paragraph six states DFSI will require employees to take 10 consecutive days of recreation leave where it has identified an employee has accrued a recreation leave balance of 30 days or more.

DFSI management has determined for staff at or above 30 days that the Christmas closedown period is a convenient time for them to direct employees to take the two weeks’ recreation leave.

The wording itself does not take into account individual circumstances where it should. Discussions between the PSA and management agree individual circumstances should be properly considered.

The PSA stresses that if you have 30 days or above of rec leave, and where you have a genuine reason to take your required 10 days leave at a later, rather than not during the Christmas closedown then please approach line manager and negotiate for whatever two-week period is mutually beneficial to both parties in the individual circumstances.

The relevant Award clause is HERE: (The Crown Conditions Award states: 77.2.3  The Department Head shall notify the staff member in writing when accrued recreation leave reaches 6 weeks or its hourly equivalent and at the same time may direct a staff member to take at least 2 weeks recreation leave within 3 months of the notification at a time convenient to the Department.)

Refer to previous PSA bulletin HERE: (9 Nov)































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