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DPI Water Transfer to Water NSW

DPI Water Transfer to Water NSW – February 2016 (PDF version)

DPI Water presented another webinar to staff on 22 January 2016 that advised the Government has provided in principle support for the transfer of functions from DPI Water to Water NSW as part of the transformation process.

We are advised this transfer is subject to the development of a business case, which will be finalised by the end of February for consideration and sign off by Government.

The PSA has already sought the opportunity to meet further with management to ensure true consultation occurs throughout this process with proper value given to the views of our membership.

What we currently hear from our members are concerns regarding the impact upon the community as well as on their own circumstances. We want our members’ voices heard on these issues.

For example, there are many concerns being raised by hydrometric staff about the viability of impartial, unbiased, accurate and timely water data. They see the fact that Water NSW will essentially be providing its own regulation data as a concern, and that Water NSW is likely to erode the scientific basis of water data collection for non-business uses, such as flood warning, resource assessment, long-term monitoring and planning.

Some of the other factors which the PSA will engage in with the employer include:

  • what change there will be within DPI Water and how will it affect those who remain
  • what impact will there be on those who move to Water NSW, particularly in relation to roles and conditions
  • who fits into the above categories and whether some employees will be made excess.

The delegates teleconferenced with PSA industrial staff on 5 February 2016 to consider the way ahead. They are jointly currently comparing existing conditions of DPI Water employees with those of employees in Water NSW.

We have written to the Department seeking further information, further consultation and a meeting to help progress the same.

The PSA invites members to provide their views and concerns. Below are the names of contacts and email addresses for you to provide this information.


Michael Wrathall

Ben Hanks

Scott Butler

Mohammed Alamgir

Andrew Cutler

Lee Garnham

Latu Sailosi

Nick Player

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