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DPIE: CME review

CME Review - Aug 2020 (PDF version)

Many PSA members are understandably anxious about the DPIE CME review currently being undertaken. The Department has provided a brief update on the proposed changes. The PSA has been informed that the Department is currently working with senior leaders to confirm resourcing, service delivery, and prioritisation of communication needs, as well as options for improving CME functions.

The Department has also stated it is committed to no loss of ongoing roles. The PSA welcomes this principle, however there has been no such commitment for temporary positions. The PSA maintains that any job losses during this difficult time is not only heartless, but economically destructive to NSW. The PSA supports the position that less staff will not do more work. Any such pressure to place a greater workload on existing staff will be opposed.

The PSA will keep members updated as more information becomes available in the following weeks. Please remember to encourage your colleagues to join the union so we can continue to advocate on your behalf.

Don’t neglect your mental health!

The PSA would also like to remind members that with the current working arrangements due to COVID-19, it is important to maintain your mental health. Physical isolation and remote work can be difficult. Traditional working arrangements allow a degree of separation between the stressors of work and home life. However, there is an increased risk of these work stressors affecting members in their own home due to consistent remote work. The PSA would encourage members to talk to their managers if they are feeling mentally fatigued. You can also contact the PSA if you feel you are not receiving adequate support. Also seek the assistance of a confidential consultation with a counsellor from the Employees’ Assistant Program (EAP), as well as seeing your doctor if you feel your mental health is being impacted. 

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