Extreme Weather Safety Notice this weekend- Northern Rivers

Extreme Weather Safety Notice this weekend- Northern Rivers – February 2019 (PDF version)

Tropical Cyclone Oma is sitting off South Queensland for the next few days into next week, and the BOM has issued an extreme weather alert for the Northern Rivers from Coffs Harbour to Tweed Heads.


The weather warning describes abnormally high tides, damaging winds and surf for today and Saturday. Cyclones also typically have caused localised flooding in the Norther Rivers in the past.

Therefore we ask members to be aware the warnings and changed conditions and assist our emergency service members by being safe.

We also wanted to remind members that if they can’t attend work due to natural emergencies that their workplace agreement should have a provision that allows them to work from alternate location or take leave. The Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Award for example has the following provision:

  1. Natural Emergencies and Major Transport Disruptions

17.1     An employee prevented from attending work at a normal work location by a natural emergency or by a major transport disruption may:

17.1.1 apply to vary the working hours as provided in clause 16, Variation of Hours of this award; and/or

17.1.2 negotiate an alternative working location with the Department; and/or

17.1.3 take available family and community service leave and/or flex leave, recreation or extended leave or leave without pay to cover the period concerned.


Hoping that you and your families are safe.

Stewart Little
General Secretary

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