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FACS Caseload overload

FACS caseload overload – September 2016 (PDF version)

How much is too much? Caseloads overwhelming staff in Western Sydney

How much is too much? That’s the question your union, the PSA, posed on
15 September with FACS Secretary, Michael Coutts-Trotter and Deputy Secretary (Northern Cluster), Deidre Mulkerin.

Caseworkers across Southern and Western Sydney districts have been asking exactly this, as demand for child protection and out-of-care continues to put increasing pressure on already stretched resources.

The PSA is aware of caseloads in the high teens and is now receiving increasing member complaints of caseloads exceeding 20, which management admitted was excessive, with the real potential to compromise quality casework.

At the meeting these was agreement that the target caseload should be significantly lower, and actively support the use of the Workload Planner if it is requested by caseworkers. Casework staff in Community Services should be aware of the PSA direction to use the Workload Planner HERE.

The Secretary asked the PSA to identify “pressure points” so additional resources could be deployed. After consultation with local workplaces, your union will be working with districts and at a peak level to identify under-resourcing.

Following the above, at the State JCC the PSA asked FACS to undertake an audit of caseworker caseloads across the state to identify excessive and unsafe examples. We also asked FACS take steps to address this serious issue, which impacts on workers’ health and safety, undermines quality casework and threatens to place children at even greater risk.

If you’re concerned about your caseload and want help, contact your local or Departmental Committee PSA Delegate.

If you wish to hold a meeting around caseloads and using the workload planner in your workplace, contact our Organising Team at facs@psa.asn.au

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