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FACS delegates bulletin – your rights, your protections

FACS delegates bulletin – Your Rights Your Protections – 28 Sept 2015 (PDF version)

Being the delegate within the workplace is a key component of building union strength in your organisation.

A question that is often raised is ‘what are my rights as a union delegate in the workplace?’.

This bulletin will provide you with some guidance on that issue. Delegates are a key source of information for members relating to their rights and protections. It is just as important that delegates are confident of their own position.

Delegates are strongly encouraged to familiarise themselves with the full details of their rights in Section 5 – Union Consultation, Access and Activities, Clauses 53-64 of the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Award 2009

53. Trade Union Activities Regarded as on Duty
54. Trade Union Activities Regarded as Special Leave
55. Trade Union Training Courses
56. Conditions Applying to on Loan Arrangements
57. Period of Notice for Trade Union Activities
58. Access to Facilities By Trade Union Delegates
59. Responsibilities of the Trade Union Delegate
60. Responsibilities of the Trade Union
61. Responsibilities of Workplace Management
62. Right of Entry Provision
63. Travelling and Other Costs of Trade Union Delegates
64. Industrial Action

There is also reference to delegates’ rights and protections on the PSA website via the following links


All delegates have access to various training courses run by the PSA. If you wish to attend any PSA training please go to the following link and register:


PSA organisers are able to assist delegates and build power in the workplace. Arranging meetings with members, identifying and recruiting new members, establishing workplace group committees and providing resources and materials are some of the activities PSA staff and delegates can undertake together.

The PSA is over 100 years old, and PSA delegates are a central part of the union’s tradition of defending public services.

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