Fire and Rescue bulletin - move of head office to Greenacre - 10 September 2015 - Public Service Association

Fire and Rescue bulletin – move of head office to Greenacre – 10 September 2015

Fire and Rescue bulletin – move to Greenacre – 10 Sept 2015 (PDF version)

On 2 September 2015, the PSA (Nick Player and PSA delegate Diana Cornish) were invited to a meeting by Fire and Rescue NSW management to update us on the move of Head Office to the Greenacre site.

We were advised:

  • The tender process is in the final stages and now awaiting Ministerial approval.
  • A Ways of Working Group comprising of employee representatives has been created for the Greenacre site (one has existed for some time at Head Office).
  • A schedule will be developed for the phases of the construction process which could take 18 months to 2 years. It is conceivable that this could commence as early as late September / early October.
  • Various plans will be developed including WHS Safety Plan, Asbestos Plan, Mitigation Plan, Traffic Management Plan. These will be provided to the PSA.
  • The building site will be fenced off from the rest of the site and there will be a separate entrance for vehicles connected with the building works.
  • Consideration is being given to various ways of mitigating the impact of the building work on staff working at the site. This may include temporary arrangements working elsewhere for some staff or other flexible arrangements.
  • Parking has been agreed with Bunnings making 60 spots for cars available. Some of the big trucks will be moved off site. A criteria for parking on site will be established which will give priority to response and operational needs but endeavour to recognise other concerns.

The PSA will continue to meet with management and receive updates. We will also seek further views from members so we can negotiate on your behalf.

What can you do?

  1. Ask a work colleague join the PSA today
  2. Distribute this bulletin to colleagues
  3. If you have any questions about the move, email
  4. Attend any meetings the PSA has to discuss this issue.

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