Fire and Rescue NSW – Community Safety Directorate dispute – PSA action - Public Service Association

Fire and Rescue NSW – Community Safety Directorate dispute – PSA action

Fire and Rescue NSW – Community Safety Directorate dispute – PSA action – August 2018 (PDF version)

Over the past few weeks, the PSA has been working with members in Greenacre surrounding a Restructure/Re-alignment occurring in the Community Safety Directorate. This restructure was initially organised 18 months ago according to management, however there was no consultation in the lead up to the announcement of this.

The PSA has made it very clear to management this is not acceptable, and shall not happen again.

The PSA had received little correspondence in regards to the questions asked (as you can see in our prior bulletin HERE), and hence we are undergoing a dispute. Once this dispute was notified, a member of management responded to our request for answers. However, we shall be continuing with this dispute to ensure that this kind of restructure, with little consultation and much confusion does not happen again.

In regards to current role descriptions, they should still all be available via the FRNSW Intranet. If you can’t find them, we suggest you email your manager, and if you still don’t have access to them, please contact the PSA.

In regards to reporting lines, the following has been explained: The Community Safety Directorate (CSD) Administrative and Projects Services Group reports to the Assistant Commissioner, Community Safety. The Team Leader, Program Administration (Grade 7/8) will report directly to the Assistant Commissioner and have 6 direct reports (5 x Administrative Support Officers, Grade 3/4 and 1 x Admin & Projects Officer, Grade 5/6).

There will be no probationary period after this restructure, and those that are on return to work plans will be reintegrated into their newly assigned roles. Those on Maternity Leave will be assigned to a role in the same process as those that are on duty.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your organiser Kirra Jackson – or reach out to your delegate Diana Cornish – .

If you know anyone in the CSD area we encourage you to reach out to them and get them to join the union – it is essential, especially in times of a restructure, that people are a part of their union in order to best represent you, and get the best outcome for members.

Sign up online HERE.

If you have any other concerns or issues you can contact the PSA Member Support Centre: 1300 772 679.

A union workplace is a fairer workplace – what can you do?

  • Not a member? Get involved by signing up!
  • Already a member? Get a colleague to join the PSA!
  • Make sure that copies of this bulletin are circulated, put on every notice board and are accessible to non-members as well.
  • Get involved by becoming a local union delegate or contact.

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