Fisheries Officers – FOVB Annual General Meeting 2019 - Public Service Association

Fisheries Officers – FOVB Annual General Meeting 2019

Fisheries Officers – FOVB Annual General Meeting 2019 – March 2019 (PDF version)

On 1 March 2019, the FOVB Annual General Meeting was held at PSA House.

Elections were held for the Executive of the FOVB with the following results:

  • Chair – Matthew Proctor
  • Secretary – John Staines
  • Other Executive positions were filled by –
    Jackie Corlass, Joe Wright, Matt Cartwright, Ian Stockton and Gavin McDonall.

Congratulation to all and a big thank you to the previous Executive for all their hard work.

A new modernised charter was adopted for the FOVB.

Primary issues discussed included excessive workloads, Work Health and Safety and the outdated award.

It was noted that there is one Fisheries Officer for approximately every 80,000 residents in NSW and for over every 8000 km2 of land area.

The lack of prosecutions was a subject of discussion, in particular where threats are made against Fisheries Officers. We have been told by the Department that they have no tolerance in regard to such behaviour, but our members have little confidence in such a statement. Lack of preparedness to prosecute means Fisheries Officers are sometimes not taken seriously. That potentially leads to the perpetuation of aggressive behaviour against our members.

Members also raised significant concerns about the roll out of compliance requirements by Fisheries Officers under Rock Fishing legislation. This is another addition to the extensive list of tasks for an already overladen and understaffed workforce, and another with Work Health and Safety concerns and a lack of consultation.

The PSA is writing to the employer on the above matters. Their response will determine our next step.  Members have made it clear that they are being stretched too far and this will be reflected in how we proceed.

A common theme was the damage done by this government to the wider public service as well as to Fisheries. There has been no increase in staffing within Fisheries for decades. There has been a massive increase in the responsibilities for that same workforce.

Members are passionate about the work they do and the environment they work in.

The Government clearly is not.

The Wages Policy of this Government has capped pay rises and prevented improvements to awards under the guise that such improvement is a breach of their restrictive policy.

How a person votes is a very personal decision, but it also needs to be a considered one? The Government has decimated the Public Service over the time it has been in. Restructures, Privatisation and staff cuts. Cutting down staff means less services and more work for those who remain.

Do not allow them to say they have a mandate for the next round of cuts and privatisation.

What can you do?

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