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Fisheries: Workplace bans. Direction to members


The following directions apply to Fisheries Officers who are members of the PSA and are employed in Department of Primary Industries.

  • The PSA directs members not to engage in Rock Fishing Safety Enforcement duties
  • the PSA directs members not to engage in any compliance and enforcement activity where the carriage and use of their baton and handcuffs has not been clearly established as lawful by fisheries compliance management, for example, duties associated with, but not limited to, extra-territorial patrols and NSW Biosecurity or Commonwealth Marine Reserve legislation.

With respect to enforcement of Rock Fishing Safety Regulation by Fisheries Officers in NSW, the PSA has not been consulted.

As advised in our bulletin to members on 6 May 2019, management advised they would seek clarification in what is expected of staff and it was agreed that this would occur prior to further implementation. Members have recently advised the PSA that duties in this area have expanded without consultation.

In regard to the use of batons and handcuffs in various jurisdictions, the PSA has been waiting for requested legal advice for an excessive amount of time. This has not been forthcoming and members’ patience has run out.

The direction from the PSA is now in force and remains until members are again advised in writing.

If any pressure is placed upon you by management in regard to these bans, please contact the PSA or one of your delegates immediately.


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