Four Corners exposes critical need for Government child protection services - Public Service Association

Four Corners exposes critical need for Government child protection services

PSA media release:

The ABC’s Four Corners ‘Broken Homes’ investigation has tragically reinforced what the Public Service Association (PSA) has been red flagging for years: the critical need for Government operated child protection services rather than for-profit care.

“What does it say about a Government – and a society – when the care and protection of desperate vulnerable children is used to make a dollar?” said PSA Assistant General Secretary, Troy Wright.

“The Baird Government has been pushing to privatise and in the process, wash its hands of responsibility for this most crucial of community provisions.”

“Staff at Community Services have decades of expertise and experience in the area and are only concerned with the safety and well being of these kids. The last thing on their minds is making a profit.”

“There is no effective regulation and no accountability – financially or in terms of service standards – in the private sector – an absolutely horrifying thought in the context of child protection.”

“Invariably, when the private sector is unable to cope, after the critical damage is done, these poor kids are shipped back to Community Services who have to try and repair these human tragedies as best they can.”

“Why not simply properly resource the public sector in the first instance and stamp out a virtual trade in harmed children?”

“If Government needs to be held to account morally and ethically for anything, surely it must be child protection,” said Troy Wright.

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