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General Assistants: Your Delegates and the PSA are working for you

Working For You - Sept 2020 (PDF version)

On 18 August the General Assistant’s Advisory Group (GAAG) was able to get together with the help of Zoom to discuss workplace issues General Assistant members are facing.

The GAAG Delegates come from schools across NSW and meet regularly to represent your interests and work collaboratively with the PSA to get the best possible outcome for General Assistant members. Below is an update on the current workplace issues they are working on for you.

Professional Learning for Non-Teaching Staff (PLNTS)

The GAAG talked at length about PLNTS including:

  • Feeling left behind due to very little training being offered to GAs
  • How the PLNTS team is moving forward with development of GA training in the COVID-19 world
  • The training that has been offered so far and its delivery
  • Where the GAAG goes from here with our involvement.

At the end of the lengthy discussion the GAAG was left with more questions than answers. The only thing that was very clear was that COVID-19 has put a halt to face to-face training.  This is a significant problem for GAs. The PSA and your delegates will continue represent your interest to ensure quality training for General Assistants.

PCards and Bunnings: truths and myths

It has come to the GAAG’s attention that there are a lot of misunderstandings around PCards and Bunnings cards.

Bunnings cards are not being cancelled and can be used as normal.

PCards can be used at point of sale provided that they don’t create the GA any extra work. For example, once a GA returns they should hand the receipt over in the same fashion as a Bunnings card receipt. The nominated preparer does the background work and the GA goes back online to approve the transaction.

COVID-19 – know your rights

The GAAG advises all members that during this time of uncertainty, if you are concerned or would feel more comfortable wearing a mask in situations where you cannot socially distance, or any other PPE they are entitled to do so.

Next GAAG Meeting 1 December

The next meeting will be on 1 December. If you have issues you would like discussed at the GAAG, contact your delegates.

Alison Crittenden Sutherland North Public School South East Sydney
Michael Burrell Blacktown Boys High School Western Sydney
Michael Jedniuk Hinchinbrook Public School South Western Sydney
Philip Crowe Northern Beaches College – Freshwater Campus Northern Sydney
Stephen Smith Cobar High School Far West NSW
Wayne Gaw Armidale Secondary College – Duval Campus North West NSW
William (Bill) Martin Vincentia High School South East NSW
Salvatore (Sam) Sale Wadalba Community School Hunter/Central Coast
Thomas Rehbach Lismore High School North East NSW

Do you know someone who still needs to join the PSA? 

You can support the work of the PSA and delegates to get better outcomes for everyone just by asking your colleagues to JOIN the PSA.

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