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GovConnect and overpayments

GovConnect and overpayments - July 2019 (PDF version)

Your union has recently supported a number of members in relation to overpayments made by GovConnect.

Please be advised GovConnect is the service provider and not your employer. If you are aware, or become aware, that you are being overpaid please do not contact GovConnect. It does not consider itself to be your employer and will not deal with your concerns by either acknowledging the issue or fixing the problem.

The matter should be raised with your employer. If that does not address the issue and you continue to be overpaid, contact your Delegate or the Member Support Centre to raise the issue on your behalf.

Please be aware that while your employer cannot just take a lump sum out of your salary, there is a requirement for overpaid funds to be returned.

Your union can help to negotiate a payment plan on your behalf, but to avoid paying money from your salary every pay day for years to come, contact us sooner rather than later.

And as always, if you have concerns, either contact your local delegate or contact your union on 1300 772 679 or ">.

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