Government shouldn’t play politics with state’s parks - Public Service Association

Government shouldn’t play politics with state’s parks

The NSW Public Service Association has condemned the announcement of the State government’s deal to expand shooting in national parks in return for Shooters Party support for the sale of electricity assets.

The union is concerned the explosion in shooting in 70 of the state’s 799 national parks and conservation areas will create additional risks and burdens for park rangers.

“The State government has once again shown itself willing to compromise our national parks and precious conservation areas for its own political interests,” General Secretary John Cahill said today.

“The attack on our national parks is in full flight with the Shooters and other interest groups knocking at the gate for greater access at the expense of the environment and the people who work in our parks.

“Our park rangers should not have to work in fear for their own safety and that of the community when these shooters take up arms in our parks. We’d hate to see park rangers, other park users and native wildlife placed in lethal danger.

“Our members are telling us they are stretched to capacity in many national parks – they don’t need an expansion of shooting activity taking them away from vital and important conservation work.

“This is another step towards the Shooters Party’s ultimate goal of recreational hunting in national parks. Our union remains totally opposed to recreational hunting in national parks which would severely compromise feral animal control programs run by park rangers,” he said.

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