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Greyhound Welfare Integrity Commission

Greyhound Welfare Integrity Commission – January 2019 (PDF version)

The Public Service Association of NSW, the union representing employees at the Greyhound Welfare Integrity Commission (GWIC), has coordinated a meeting with GWIC management for 25 January.

The PSA has had a long history dealing with employees in the greyhound racing industry. What was then the Greyhound and Harness Racing Regulatory Authority was moved out of the public sector in 2009. At that time, you were employed under the PSA negotiated Greyhound and Harness Racing Regulatory Authority – Greyhound Racing Employees) Award 2007 which can be found HERE.

The PSA also has a long history of developing and maintaining strong awards supporting its members. One aspect of the current award is the obligation for the employer to consult with the union. It is this process we are now developing.

The PSA had written to GWIC last year to commence discussions on behalf of our members. Predominantly the meeting will be aimed at re-establishing a formal consultative process now that greyhound regulation has returned to the Public Sector.

As representatives of our members the PSA is now actively seeking issues you would like us to raise with management. If you have a workplace issue you would like to have progressed, please call the PSA Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679 and refer the call number 112402.

Once established, ongoing meetings will include delegates elected from members within GWIC. To become a member and have your say, please click HERE.

Being a union member gives you a voice in your workplace. The more members we have the stronger we are. The union does not  only assist with your individual and collective issues at work but also provides lots of other value added services which can be found HERE.

You are employed under the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Award 2009 which is an award negotiated and covered by the PSA. A copy can be found on our website HERE.

We will provide an update after the meeting and continue to keep you informed as matters progress.

Membership fees are 100 per cent tax deductable.

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