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Health Care Complaints Commission – 31 March 2017 (PDF Version)

Workplace Consultative Committee meeting between the HCCC and the PSA

PSA Delegate Tundi Albrecht, PSA member David Tucker, PSA Industrial Officer Carmel McKeough and PSA Organiser Nigel Miles met with HCCC executives on 22 March 2017 for a meeting of the Workplace Consultative Committee. HCCC attendees were Michael Doran, Celia Murphy, Tony Kofkin, Karen Mobbs and Alison Sheer.

Issues discussed included:

  • excessive workloads
  • workplace culture
  • induction programs for new staff
  • proposed changes in the Assessments & Resolutions Divisions
  • Public Service Commission – flexible working strategy.

HCCC representatives acknowledged the heavy workloads staff are carrying and expressed confidence current changes, improved case management and recruitment action will assist in alleviating problems.

The HCCC was, however, unable to define the optimum number of cases individual staff members should carry and expressed a desire not to set benchmarks.

Members have advised the PSA that current workloads are unsustainable. We will continue to monitor the situation and seek the views of members to inform next steps.

Our goal is to work with you to ensure all members have a safe, healthy and supportive working environment which is conducive to dealing with people distressed by their experiences with the health system, managing their complaints and allows for a satisfactory work/life balance.

We took the opportunity to strongly reiterate to the HCCC that members must be allowed to work in accordance with their Award conditions and that the HCCC should not expect or encourage members to breach the Award conditions.

You can view your Award HERE.

The PSA is concerned that Work, Health and Safety breaches may be occurring at the HCCC. The workload issue appears to be a systemic problem for the majority of HCCC staff and could have a severely negative impact on staff wellbeing. The PSA takes Work, Health and Safety very seriously and intends to follow this issue closely.

If you, or a colleague, are feeling overwhelmed by your workload or by any other issue at work, the PSA will support you.

The PSA is also concerned about the apparent lack of support for flexible working arrangements and will continue to raise this as an issue with management. If you are experiencing difficulties negotiating flexible work please contact the PSA.

We will advise members when there is a confirmed date for the next WCC and seek your input to agenda items.

PSA members have access to advice, support and representation, either via the PSA’s Member Support Centre (1300 772 679) or by contacting your local delegate, the PSA’s Industrial Officer or your PSA Organiser.

Carmel McKeough, Industrial Officer

Tundi Albrecht, PSA Delegate

Nigel Miles, Organiser



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