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Heritage NSW: Restructure feedback and Dispute notification

Based on the responses provided by members and delegates, the PSA has submitted your feedback to Heritage NSW regarding the Draft Change Management Plan.

The PSA would like to acknowledge the work of both members, and particularly your delegates, for putting together such comprehensive and detailed feedback. Thank you.

You can read the PSA’s full response HERE.

The PSA and members who reached out were aggrieved to learn that. as of two days ago, two-full time Director roles and one part-time Director role were advertised externally.

The PSA feels this is in opposition to the spirit of genuine consultation. It would appear no feedback will be considered and the draft structure will remain unchanged regardless of any submission that may be put forward and has notified the Department we are in dispute in relation to this matter and are seeking a meeting to further discuss.

We will continue to update you as this matter evolves and a response to your feedback is received.

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