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Home Care bulletin – Action survey closes friday

Home Care action survey closes Friday. Have you had your say bulletin – September 2015 (PDF version)

PSA members in Home Care have been placing bans on administrative tasks to fight for genuine protection of jobs and conditions following the transfer. We commend members for staying strong in this fight by following their union’s direction.

Legally enforceable protections still not on the table

The Government has still not offered genuine and legally enforceable protections to Home Care members. The PSA has been surveying members to determine what you’re prepared to do to fight for your jobs and conditions to be fully protected following the transfer.

The PSA wants your new employer to make a commitment that it will not try to make a new enterprise agreement to replace your award within the two year employment guarantee period, as we have repeatedly requested of the NSW Government.

The survey closes Friday so make sure you’ve had your say

Complete the survey HERE

You are protected when following
the bans

Members are advised that:

  • This industrial action has been approved by the General Secretary of the Public Service Association
  • Any direction to perform work covered by these bans can be refused without personal risk
  • If members are approached to complete work covered by the PSA industrial bans, they should decline and refer their manager to a copy of the bans.

Make sure your colleagues are
protected too

Only members are protected when taking action or following bans. Also, the PSA can only advocate on behalf of members during the transfer. Speak to your colleagues about joining today and making sure they’re protected before, during and after the transfer.

If you have any questions about this bulletin please email:

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