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Home Care – Important update and report back to members

Home Care Bulletin – update and report back – 6 November 2015

On 2 October 2015 the PSA wrote to members to update you on the negotiations for genuine protections of your conditions. We also said we would report back to you on the outcomes of:

  • The independent legal advice sought by the PSA on the enforceability of Australian Unity’s commitment that it won’t seek to negotiate a new enterprise agreement for the duration of the two-year protection period.
  • The response from FACS on whether or not it will extend non-Home Care Award employment conditions to members post-transfer.

Legally enforceable protections secured

The PSA has received legal advice that confirms that the protections secured in the Australian Unity letter are legally enforceable. The PSA specifically requested wording be included in the letter that protects members employment and conditions. The collective strength shown by members in implementing the bans was key to this outcome.

Throughout our consultation with members, which included surveys, the live chat and workplace visits, members raised the enforceability of employment and conditions as the issue that members felt most strongly about. This has now been secured for you by your union, and is proof that action by members can result in positive outcomes.

FACS response on non-Home Care Award Conditions

The Department has refused to honour our request that conditions currently enjoyed by Home Care members under the Crown Employees Award be maintained.

The PSA is now seeking further independent legal advice on the non-Home Care Award employment conditions post-transfer.

Your union, you decide

Members now get the opportunity to have your say in what steps are taken next.
Have your say in whether you continue and/or escalate the actions, to try and change FACS position.

For more information you can contact the PSA on 1300 772 679 or email us at

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