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Home Care negotiations update

Home Care negotiations update 15 May 2015 (PDF version)

Thank you to the many members and other Home Care staff who completed the recent “Have your say: your employee protections in the Home Care transfer” survey.

The results showed overwhelming support for the PSA’s campaign to protect members’ pay and conditions of employment during and after the sale of Home Care to a private provider.

The PSA wrote to the NSW Government on 1 May 2015 requesting it reconsider its position.

The letter once again reiterated the PSA’s position in relation to the protection of members, stating that:

  • employees must be given the choice of whether to transfer to the new employer (with a transfer package), remain in the public service or be entitled to voluntary redundancy as their positions in the government service will cease to exist;
  • the Government must change its discriminatory offer of a maximum of 8 weeks transfer package for Home Care staff to a 30 week transfer package similar to previous transfers to the private sector;
  • the Government must protect all current conditions of employment enjoyed by PSA members in Home Care;
  • the Government must enter into a legally enforceable deed with the PSA on any agreement reached to protect PSA members and Home Care staff.

Read a copy of the letter HERE

It is important that any transfer agreement reached be contained in a legally enforceable deed for the life of the agreement to ensure compliance by the private service provider.

Live Chat

To further communicate with Home Care members, the PSA will conduct a “live chat” on Wednesday, 27 May 2015 between 12 noon and 2:00pm.

Members are encouraged to participate in the “live chat” to raise questions or seek clarification on any issues relating to the negotiations.

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