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Home Care Your Transfer package and tax – April 2016 (PDF version)

Your union, the PSA, has received a number of questions from our members in Home Care/Australian Unity about the percentage of tax taken out of their eight-week transfer payments.

We can inform members that their transfer payments are classified as an Employment Termination Payment (ETP) for the purposes of calculating tax. This means members are able to receive concessional tax treatment.

We can also advise that the amount of tax withheld from an ETP is set by the Federal Government and subsequently administered by the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

You can read more about Employment Termination Payments and tax HERE

Questions from members

I’d like information on my transfer payment.

You should have received written information outlining how your ETP would be taxed prior to the transfer. If you have not received this information or you believe your tax has been incorrectly applied we encourage you to contact FACS HR as a matter of urgency.

Why was I taxed this amount?

The PSA has received a number of calls and emails from members asking questions about the level of tax withheld from their ETP/eight-week transfer payment.

Unfortunately, the PSA is not registered or licensed to provide personal tax or financial advice. However, we strongly encourage all members to direct any enquiries to FACS HR or the ATO.

Remaining a member of the PSA is essential to protect your rights and entitlements in the current changing environment.

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