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Housing: JCC report back to members

Housing JCC Report Back

PSA delegates and industrial staff recently attended the FACS Sydney, Eastern Sydney and Northern Sydney District Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meeting to represent member workplace issues to management.

Recruitment update

The PSA requested an update on the recruitment of 9/10 Grade Team Leader roles currently in progress. The Acting Director reiterated recruitment is a priority for the District.

The Acting Director advised this recruitment process will be finalised by October 2018. Appointments will be GSE compliant, and a Talent Pool will be created. Appointments will be temporary due there being no current ongoing vacancies.

Management advised that recruitment for SCSC grade 5/6 and CSO grade 2/4 roles had been finalised. Timeframes for the next phase of recruitment for Manager Operations roles has not yet been determined.

The PSA continues to raise concerns about the high level of insecure work in Housing as FACS makes more temporary appointments. A meeting will be arranged for the PSA to discuss this matter further with the Acting Director Housing.

Update on Social Housing Management transfer (SHMT)

FACS provided a brief update on the placement of staff affected by the Social Housing Management Transfer. Due to ongoing consultation between the PSA and the FACS HR Change team, including addressing individual member concerns, the PSA can report the successful placement of most of the Northern Sydney affected staff into ongoing roles in Housing.  Commencement dates for these roles will differ according to social housing provider transfer dates.

LEAP CSO training

The PSA again raised concerns about LEAP related workload issues and the added strain on Sydney District Housing staff travelling to South West Sydney TAFE facilities for video conference sessions and had requested local TAFE facilities be arranged.

New Access & Demand tracking tool

The PSA sought clarification and further consultation concerning a new tracking tool referred to as the ‘Application Register’ that Access and Demand Housing staff will be required to use.  The PSA raised concerns about workload and duplication issues.

The Housing Acting Director agreed to set up meeting with PSA Delegates and management, which took place 9 August 2018. The outcomes from that meeting include that there will be a feedback process and monitoring issues, using the tracking tool.

The PSA will continue to monitor workload issues, and if members feel overwhelmed please raise with your Team Leader/Manager and if required fill out a WHS incident report.

Human Resources update

A representative from Human Resources (HR) attended the JCC meeting and provided a report on the new FACS Unsatisfactory Performance Policy. Information sessions have been held throughout the District with managers, and sessions will continue throughout 2018. HR also advised the importance of completing flex sheets; and line managers checking and reconciling these regularly.

Next meetings

The next JCC meeting is scheduled for October 2018 however, the PSA will be meeting more regularly with District management in regard to some of the specific issues raised.

For more information or support please contact local workplace delegates, or the PSA Member Support Centre.

Housing Delegates across SSENS combined offices

Richard Higgins
Sage Benishay
Tina Te Aho-Wilson
Manuela Vincent
Beti Cizaloska
Shannon Long

PSA Organisers

Vivette Horrex
Mary-Jo Costache
Leonie Wright

Industrial Officer

Katy Ambler

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