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Independent Review Office Joint Consultative Committee update

Your PSA representatives recently met with Independent Review Office (IRO) management for the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC). The following matters were discussed:

Changes to the ILARS Finance Delegations

PSA Delegates clarified that the lack of consultation then implementation had not been a smooth exercise. Management acknowledged the transition could have been better managed, and believes this was reflected in the IRO’s People Matter Survey results.

Work is being done to increase the delegation amount for paralegals to $10,000. The finance delegation amount for Principal Lawyers will be considered again, although only about 100 cases a year are impacted by the $20,000 delegation amount.

It was also noted that the changes made to the Principal Lawyers delegations are not consistent with the delegations of other Department of Customer Service Grade 12 roles. Employee Relations advised that it is the capabilities, not delegations, that are assessed in determining like for like roles.


Consultation practices for engaging with staff were discussed in relation to the delegation issue above, management thanked the PSA Delegates for this feedback. Both parties recognised that the Business Process Review currently underway will further assist in resolving outstanding issues.

Work Health and Safety

Work Health and Safety (WHS) was raised as a standing agenda item, with both parties committed to ensuring a safe a workplace for all. The establishing of the Health and Safety Committee (HSC) was discussed. Updates on the HSC will come via your IRO newsletter and Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs).

A potential RSI issue was raised during the WHS standing agenda item, members are reminded they can also raise concerns or provide feedback via the mySafety reporting tool, Business Process Review Team and SME ‘Analyse and Improve’ Workshop.

General business

In raising the concerns of members regarding the need for clarity around the Director position in the SPS Team, PSA noted that the request for EOIs for the role means this gap will be filled soon.

As per the Terms of Reference for the IRO JCC, meeting minutes are to be agreed on by all parties at the next meeting before being placed on the IRO Knowledge Portal.

The next JCC meeting is planned for February 2022.

Thank you to PSA members for your constructive feedback. JCCs will be further discussed at the upcoming AGM, we look forward to seeing you all then.

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