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Industrial Bulletin NSW Police Force – Public Holiday Rosters

A number of PSA members employed by NSW Police Force have reported that their rosters had been varied, often at short notice, in a way that removed entitlements relating to Public Holidays.

The majority of these members were disadvantaged through not receiving the relevant award benefits.

Also, in the majority of cases, there had been no consultation with the members and/or the Association. The Association believes that the roster changes were designed to affect savings in expenditure.

In most cases the changes to the rosters varied the “custom and practice” that had been in place for a considerable period of time.

The Association raised the members’ concerns through the Police Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) process and later met separately with representatives of NSW Police Employee Relations.

The Association was advised that “roster manipulation” should not occur and that the principle behind the application of Public Holiday rates had been issued as a Police Notice on 31 May 2004 (PN04/15). A copy of that notice is reproduced here.

With the Labour Day October public holiday scheduled for Monday, 7 October 2013, members should check their roster for that period to see if there has been any changes to rosters that would amount to “roster manipulation”.

Members who believe that roster changes have been made to avoid paying Public Holiday rates should contact the Association at their earliest convenience.

Please forward your feedback to us via

You may also contact PSA Organisers

Heather Smith on 0407 498 588
Jason Saunders on 0407 280 092
Lee Coulton on 0499 011 483

Bulletin NSWPF_October 2013 – Public Holiday Rosters (PDF)

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