Trustee and Guardian member bulletin - Public Service Association

Trustee and Guardian member bulletin

 Trustee and Guardian member bulletin – June 2018 (PDF version)

As members are aware the PSA regularly meets with NSWTG to consult about issues affecting our members.

The following issues were discussed:

PPB Advisory Report

The PSA thanked the CEO for transparency regarding the PPB Advisory Report. The CEO advised the issues raised will be considered in more depth and a further report will be issued at approximately the end of June 2018. NSWTG will continue to consult with the PSA about the issues raised and any additional reports.


NSWTG will be reviewing all policies to ensure that they are current and do not duplicate Department of Justice Policies. The policies will be placed on Sharepoint as part of the consultation process. The PSA encourages members to read the policies and comment if appropriate. It is in the interests of all PSA members that NSWTG Policies are fair and accurate.

If any members have workload difficulties due to obligations to re-write Policies, please advise NSWTG management to ensure adequate resourcing.

Dress code

A review of Policies has established that the Department of Justice Code of Conduct has an item relating to dress and presentation.

The PSA supports the current position of NSWTG that its dress policy is superfluous and can be withdrawn. Members are invited to contact the PSA if they have any concerns over this issue.

The PSA also encourages members to become familiar with the Department of Justice Code of Ethics and Conduct Policy. This policy applies to all staff, consultants and Agency Contractors.

People Matter survey

The PSA strongly encourages members to complete the People Matter survey. This is a useful tool to indicate the culture of the Agency and can be used during consultation with management.

What can you do?

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  • Give a copy of this bulletin to your colleagues or put it on a noticeboard.
  • Organise a PSA visit to your workplace.
  • Ask a colleague to join the PSA.
  • Get involved by becoming a local union delegate or contact.

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