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Joint Consultative Committee update

JCC update+Support the MoPS Campaign - June 2020 (PDF version)

The PSA has formally raised the MoPS Pay and Entitlements Consultation document with DPS management.

Last Thursday, PSA Delegates Tilly South and Tom Harris-Brassil tabled the document at the Parliament Joint Consultative Committee.

DPS management positively acknowledged the representative nature of the document. They recognised the Work Health and Safety issues such as travelling home late at night during sitting weeks. They also recognised the difficulty for rural MoPS staff who travel long distances during sitting weeks with low remuneration.

Currently, the PSA members are campaigning to have the documents recommendations instituted in the upcoming determination.

Thank you to MoPS staff who have already had their MP send a letter of support. Your support is critical.

Support the MoPS Staff Campaign:

  • Talk to your member of Parliament.
  • Show them the MoPS Pay and Entitlements Consultation document.
  • Ask your member to write a letter of support to Mark Webb by Friday the 3rd July 2020.

HERE is a template your MP can sign and send.


Email ">, "> or PSA Organiser ">.


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