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Local Land Services Restructure Update

Local Land Services Restructure Update – June 2016 (PDF version)

As you would be aware, PSA and LLS delegates met with LLS management and Department of Industry’s Industrial Relations Unit on Wednesday, 25 May 2016 at Orange.

This meeting was called by the PSA to address concerns raised by members in relation to the South-East restructure and lack of information being provided to staff.

Management agreed to provide role descriptions to the PSA for the Grade 7/8 roles that are currently being advertised.

The PSA opposes this restructure. We note that management have given the PSA an undertaking it will consult with us in relation to individual circumstances throughout this process. Management has advised individuals will be treated on a case-by-case basis. The PSA has clearly articulated members whose roles have been deleted in the new structure be given the opportunity to leave the organisation early.

The PSA has sought that LLS staff be provided with meaningful training to support them in obtaining a higher graded role in the new structure. We have also asked as to what training will be provided to staff prior to interviews in Phase 2 of the restructure.

Assistance in applying for positions

‘Job seeking Skills’ training will be made available to all affected staff prior to any recruitment action.

Training for Phase 1 affected staff will training will commence in July 2016.

Training (dates, times and locations) for Phase 2 affected staff will be advised at a later date.

The PSA asked, where former LHPA staff roles have been deleted and they have not been appointed or do not have roles within the new structure, will those staff be paid a VR under section 17 of the old LHPA Award or does the NSW Government’s Managing Excess Employees Policy apply.

Department’s response

The previous provisions relating to applying the old LHPA VR conditions has expired.  The NSW Government’s Managing Excess Employees Policy now applies re VR.

The PSA will seek advice on the Voluntary Redundancies.

The PSA has been advised the Wollongong Office has 18 months left on its lease, therefore staff will not be moving anytime soon.

The PSA has raised further concerns with regards to the closure of the Batemans Bay Office and the impact it will have on the South-East region.

The PSA encourages all members to apply for roles in the new structure, as the your union has been given an undertaking all staff who apply for roles will be interviewed.

The PSA has also raised concerns with contracts of temporary staff that expire in 2017.

The PSA encourages you to engage with members and non-union members and to emphasise the importance of building a strong and robust union.


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