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MAAS suspends payments to long-term casuals

The PSA has been made aware that approximately 143 MAAS employees have had casual support payments ceased.

While cafes and restaurants start opening, this decision effectively sends 143 employees to Centrelink.

As previously circulated, MAAS is required to consider whether an employee is a true casual, that is that they have been carrying out irregular, intermittent, short-term, urgent or other work as and when required.

All long-term casuals who have been employed in a systematic regular fashion should be found other duties, and if none can be found, placed on special leave and paid as normal.

The PSA is currently in discussions with MAAS surrounding a commitment to continue the employment of long term casuals. Unless we can gain that commitment ASAP, we will seek the assistance of the Industrial Relations Commission.

Keep Our Icons Alive campaign

There is no doubt that MAAS, and other similar institutions in NSW, find themselves in a dire situation due to a lack of increased funding or support from the NSW Government to get them through this crisis.

The Keep Our Icons Alive campaign is calling on the Berejiklian NSW Government to increase funding for our state’s most treasured venues.

The PSA and the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) is co-ordinating the joint campaign to highlight the plight of our affected members in the state’s most iconic institutions. These include Taronga Zoo, the Art Gallery of NSW, the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Observatory, Sydney Living Museums and the Sydney Opera House.

We need your help to save cultural institution jobs and Keep Our Icons Alive.

What can you do?

We need you to bring community attention to this campaign.

We need you to boost the PSA Keep our Icons Alive video on social media.

  1. Like the PSA Keep our Icons Alive video
  2. Comment on the PSA Keep our Icons Alive video
  3. Share the PSA Keep Our Icons Alive video on Facebook.

Your small action will help us save NSW jobs

Cafes and restaurants have started opening. Our cultural institutions will have an important role to play in boosting the domestic economy in a changed world. We need to ensure you are retained to Keep Our Icons Alive.

The PSA is in your corner. If you want to save your job, join the PSA. If you want to save your colleagues’ jobs, join the PSA. If you support saving cultural institution jobs, join the PSA.

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