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Management and Transport unions continue consultation

Management and unions continue consultation – March 2019

Consultation between TSS management and the unions around the current restructure is still progressing. The unions involved in this process have now been provided with feedback on the questions we asked management on behalf of our membership as part of the consultation process. Further information can be found HERE.

Some key points to note from the feedback from management:

  • There is a review of the proposed decision not to directly appoint staff into positions.
  • All employees who are currently entitled to a travel pass will continue to be entitled to a travel pass after this restructure.
  • Staff have the option to apply for a lower-grade role, though are not required to do so. Should they choose to, and are successful, salary continuance will be applied for a period of three months.
  • Staff who aren’t successful for positions in the new structure may be priority assessed for possible matched roles across the NSW State Public Service.

The PSA is looking to work with TSS management to implement a new structure which caters to the needs of everyone involved and where possible ensures those who want a job, can have a job in the new structure.

We understand that, in many ways, regardless of how this restructure is rolled out, existing staff will still be severely impacted by the changes proposed. Additionally, we recognise that the overall output of the organisation will be severely impacted by these changes. The PSA will remain vigilant during this period and encourages members to come forward with any issues that have arisen as a result of the restructure. Staff should not have to work longer hours and be put under more pressure to cover for the jobs that have been cut.

While the PSA is committed to retaining jobs, we absolutely want to assist those members who see this current restructure as an exit opportunity from the organisation and would take a redundancy package if offered. If you are a member who fits into this category, please let us know by contacting your organiser, Ben James, by email at The PSA will work to facilitate the best possible outcome for these members.

To view information on our Save the State, Change the Government campaign, click HERE.

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