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Managing Safety in Juvenile Justice Centres

Managing Safety in Juvenile Justice Centres – February 2019 (PDF version)

Through negotiations with the Department, the PSA has attained representation to the Working Group to the Enhanced Support Unit which is as follows: –

  • 2 representative delegates from the Metropolitan area
  • 1 Representative delegate from the Regional area- with the flexibility to call other delegate representatives specific to their detention Centre as needed.
  • 2 Representative Officials from the PSA.

The Working party oversites the project team who will be visiting your centre with regard to meeting with staff, infrastructure needs and feedback around the safe management of high risk detainees.

The first working group meeting is scheduled for Thursday 14 February 2019 at Henry Deane Building.

We are awaiting the Centres Project Team schedule and will inform delegates as soon as they are provided.

We encourage all members to participate in the process and specifically to consult with local delegates as this is your opportunity to ensure that we get it right.

The PSA representatives will be:

Gino Di Candilo

Martin Robinson

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