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March update on Bathurst relocation and refit

March update on Bathurst relocation and refit – March 2019 (PDF version)

This bulletin is to update members on the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) dispute between the PSA and the Department on its building relocation and refit proposed for the Bathurst office.

Following the 18 January IRC hearing and the Bathurst members’ meeting in early February the PSA supplied feedback (14/2) to the Department on our various concerns and unanswered questions on the Change Management Plan. Read feedback HERE.

The Department’s response can be read HERE.

Consistent with the Commission’s orders, both parties have agreed that the next steps must be for the union to provide a response to the Department. Following that, the Department will consider the appropriate course of action to adequately respond to the outstanding matters raised in the union’s reply correspondence, such as a meeting with management or further correspondence.

For this next step we now seek the further input from members.

If members could read and respond to the Department’s response and supply your outstanding and unaddressed concerns in relation to the relocation/refit, to your local Delegates or PSA Industrial Officer, Matthew Drake-Brockman at by 5pm, Tuesday 26 March.

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