Meal Allowance Update - Public Service Association

Meal Allowance Update

Meal Allowance update - May 2021 (pdf version)

Your union, the PSA, recently advised you that as a result of its advocacy on behalf of concerned members, the issue of non-payment of meal allowances during overtime had been addressed and can be viewed here

However, the Department of Customer Service has been slow to action this matter.

Your union advised the Department it was now looking at prosecution for failing to pay staff their full salaries as required under the Industrial Relations Act. This has spurred the Department to take action.

The DCS had advised in March the error occurred due to a system issue with the way the allowance was approved by GovConnect.  As a result of the PSA’s continued advocacy, DCS now have advised the issue is being resolved by a manual override with an update to the system expected to be completed in the next 40 days. Your Manager will then be able to approve meal allowances when approving overtime where appropriate under clauses 93 and 94 of the Crown Employees (Pubic Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2009.

Please continue to review your payslips and seek clarification from your manager where needed. Where issues remain unresolved please contact the Member Support Centre by emailing your payroll ticket number and correspondence to

Please pass on this bulletin to your colleagues who may not be members and remind them of the benefits of being a part of the PSA.  We are stronger together. Without the advocacy of the PSA, employees would still be missing out on entitlements that are rightfully theirs. Non-members can join today at


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