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MEMBERS BRIEFING: Proposed changes to your Districts’ working arrangements

The PSA will be holding an online meeting to brief members on the latest updates regarding the changes to the allocation function within the Sydney, South Eastern Sydney and Northern Sydney Districts.

We need your feedback! It is invaluable and informs the PSA discussions with DCJ.

When: Tuesday 3rd August 12:30 PM

The meeting is open to members and non-members. Register now by sending an email to: 

The PSA has been advised by members that the Department have announced significant changes your District’s working arrangements. This announcement has been made with no formal consultation with your Union.

Therefore the PSA has written to the Department notifying that we are in dispute due to a lack of formal consultation and requested that they provide us with full details on the proposed changes, any impacts it may have on our members and allow time for us to provide your feedback.

While we understand and respect that the proposed changes are in the interest of efficiency, coordination and ultimately in the best interest of vulnerable children, young people and their families and carers, you as employees have a right to be consulted and provided feedback prior to any changes being made.

It’s the frontline workers who have the best understanding of how to work with the children and families that you support. And should be consulted with in regards to any changes that are being considered that will impact on how you do your job.

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