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Mining, Exploration & Geoscience and NSW Resources Regulator amalgamation

Amalgamation - June 2021 (PDF version)

The Department of Regional NSW (DRNSW) and the NSW Government plan to combine the Mining, Exploration & Geoscience (MEG) Directorate and the NSW Resources Regulator.

The PSA was advised of the announced amalgamation as part of DRNSWs consultation obligations on Tuesday 1 June.  

What does this mean for staff?

In its immediacy, apart from a change in reporting for the Resources Regulator, not much. However, there can almost be a guarantee that there will be restructuring and a drive for agency-based efficiencies that may mean changes in roles and/or staffing numbers.

MEG and the Resources Regulator currently operate with a substantial amount of vacancies to the organisational structure as a consequence of the decision not to fill roles and staff turnover. There are also a number of staff currently on secondments or employed in a temporary capacity and, to date, there is no direction or decision on the extension of those roles.

Role of the external consultant

DRNSW has engaged an external consultant to review and evaluate options for the amalgamated division. The PSA has written to the MEG Deputy Secretary and sought further particulars on the employment of the external consultant and the subsequent terms of reference for the review of the amalgamation. Additionally, your union is seeking clarity in the current organisational structures/resourcing and how our members will have a say in the review.

The PSA maintains it is the hard-working members who are best placed to understand the implications for an agency that will require significant direction and reform to enable a mitigation of the conflicts of interest that exist with one agency expected to provide both advocacy and regulation. 

Where to now?

Whilst there will be very limited changes to what you do in the short term, now is the time to start compiling your thoughts on the implications of the amalgamation. The PSA has also written to the MEG Deputy Secretary seeking a snap shot of the current organisational structures, including vacancies, secondments, temporary employment, contractors etc.

Look out for PSA representatives in your workplaces soon. Get active – interact with your teams and branches. Have your say.

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