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Ministry of Health and PSA Joint Consultative Committee: Your pay increase, paid vaccination leave and flexibility when home-schooling

On 11 August, your PSA delegates and staff attended the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) with Ministry of Health Workplace Relations staff, to raise matters of collective concern that came out of the recent members’ meeting.

Standing agenda items include WHS, recruitment and any planned changes to the workplace. During this JCC we also raised lockers, the PSA-won pay increase timeframes, flexible working when home-schooling and COVID-19 vaccinations.

Since the last JCC there have been one workplace-related WHS incident and 20 permanent on-going staff engagements. The PSA also continued to push to have contract and temporary employees converted to permanent and ongoing positions.

Pay increase

The Ministry confirmed the 2.04 per cent pay increase and back pay will be included in the next pay run. You would now have received this increase. Further information on the increase can be found on the Mintranet. If you have any concerns or have not received your increase, please contact your manager and/or payroll in the first instance. If you continue to have concerns, please call the Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

Flexible working and home-schooling

The PSA is very aware of how hard it can be for staff in lockdown who are also home-schooling while working. With some families having multiple children home and the competing priorities of work can be a major issue.

We raised this with Ministry to seek some understanding of how they are supporting affected staff in managing the workload and personal circumstances. Ministry have said they encourage flexibility, have webinars and advice on Mintranet and if needed, access to leave.

The Association advises anyone in these circumstances to discuss them with your manager so that a practical and reasonable solution can be arranged which takes into account the mental health and wellbeing of staff as well as the needs of the Ministry.

Flexibility and assistance for those with carers’ responsibilities should be managed in a supportive and reasonable way.  If you are experiencing issues with managing this, please contact the PSA for assistance on 1300 772 679.

Vaccination Special Leave

The PSA, working closely with other Public Sector unions, lobbied the NSW Government to provide Special Leave for Public Sector Workers to get vaccinated.  You are now able to take up to two hours’ special leave to attend vaccination appointments. The Ministry has advised that the e-form has not been updated yet, so speak directly with your manager to access this leave in the meantime.

Workplace Change and Restructures

The Ministry provided updates on two workplace changes that are occurring, the Centre of Alcohol and Other Drugs (CAoD) Restructure and the review of workflow within the Executive and Ministerial Branch. The Association is providing support and advice to members who are affected by the CAoD Restructure and will continue to require the Ministry to provided updates throughout.

While there has been no further progress with the Executive and Ministerial Branch, the Association reinforced that further consultation is required in the future, including around impacts on staff, timeframes and training.

The PSA is available for members’ meetings in any area experiencing change to discuss process, workplace rights and entitlements along with any issues that may arise.

Lockers within 1 Reserve Road

As there has been very limited staff within the office over the past period, there has been no changes or actions taken with lockers. If there are any changes to how lockers are utilised, the Ministry has advised it will consult with and advise the PSA.

Stay in touch with your PSA Delegates

In these strange and confusing times, knowing you have your union behind you is more important than ever. PSA Delegates are the union’s connection to the workplace and your connection to PSA staff. If you have questions or require support, you can contact the Ministry of Health PSA delegates for confidential advice and assistance.

Your Ministry of Health Delegates

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Peter Gildfedder

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