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Ministry of Health: Data breach update

The Ministry of Health (MoH) advised the PSA of a data breach through Frontier Software. The breach is of historic information dating back to before the upgrade to StaffLink Payroll Systems.

The PSA met with MoH and eHealth on Tuesday 14 March to discuss concerns regarding members’ data security, the steps that MoH and Frontier Software have taken to investigate and protect the data and the support that is being provided by MoH to affected staff.

MoH has advised that the breach was mitigated quickly, and the data set has been deleted with the support of an external cyber security firm, Cyber X. EHealth and Cyber X continuing to actively monitor the dark web as a precaution.

Frontier Software have provided a dedicated helpline, 1300 67 367, and access to IDCare for individual support to any affected staff. The PSA understands that, in order to gain appropriate support, affected members will need to engage IDCare directly due to privacy and confidentiality requirements.

MoH has made a commitment to the PSA that any member who is advised by IDCare to take active measures to protect their identity due to this breach, the Ministry will work with the employee to provide appropriate support.  Any member advised by IDCare to take active steps should contact or the PSA to seek support.

We will continue to raise and advocate for strong data security for all members. As we’ve seen over the past couple of years, this is becoming a significant issue.

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