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Murwillumbah Schools merger into Murwillumbah Learning Community

The PSA recently met with the two new Principals of Murwillumbah Learning Community (MLC) High School and Primary School.

The Department of Education has confirmed the following;

The Department has made assurances that no permanent staff member will lose employment due to the establishment of the new education campus, and until the end of 2025, the staffing allocation from the department will be based on 2020 enrolments as the minimum.

School-funded positions are in addition to the staffing allocation/entitlement provided by the department. The number of school-funded positions is at the discretion of the Principal and will change each year depending on the budget available and the needs of the school. During the transition period any duplicated positions that become vacant due to retirement, promotion or transfer, will also be filled on a temporary basis. Staff on a temporary contract or employed casually are therefore, not guaranteed a continuing contract to 2025.

The PSA has been contacted by many of our members who are on Long Term Temporary contracts (LTT) who are concerned about their future at the MLC. The PSA hears your concerns, and we advise all members who are currently on a LTT contract to speak to their Principal about their concerns and request confirmation as early as possible about your contract for 2023. If you do not receive a contract for 2023 contact your Regional Organiser on 0419980503 or email .

What can the PSA do for you if this happens?

If you have worked as an LTT for three or more years, the PSA can negotiate for you to get severance pay.

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