NCDC: Corrective Services NSW finally releases Prison Bed Capacity Program proposal - Public Service Association

NCDC: Corrective Services NSW finally releases Prison Bed Capacity Program proposal

PBCAP Proposal - July 2020 (PDF version)

Following months of pressure from the PSA and various sub-branch delegates, CSNSW has finally released its proposal for the Prison Bed Capacity Program.

Yesterday, Monday, 21 July 2020, the PSA and NCDC, along with the other sub-branches, met with Corrective Services NSW management to receive a briefing on the details of the Program around the state. These figures are CSNSW’s proposed numbers and are subject to consultation.

Today, members of CSNSW management will travel around the state and provide a briefing to all centres. This will be followed up with an official launch next week, where a much more comprehensive presentation will be given to each centre.

The current closures and repurposing of Grafton, Brewarrina, Ivanhoe, Illawarra, Berrima, Kariong and Emu Plains have resulted in the removal of 300 roles and CSNSW have identified a further 357 roles to remove. These roles are spread across Custodial, CSI, OS&P, Administration, Education, Case Management, Sentence Admin and OSU.

Today’s briefing will provide more information for your particular centre. 

CSNSW has indicated that it wishes to retain as many staff as possible and will be implementing an HR strategy designed to minimise staffing impact during this period. A small number of voluntary redundancies will be provided to staff who are unable to be redeployed.

The PSA and NCDC will continue to advocate for and support members affected throughout this process. If you have feedback or questions on the proposals at your centre, you are encouraged to raise these at local briefings and send feedback to PSA staff below. If you are individually impacted and need assistance, please contact the Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

There’s never been a more important time to be a union member. Make sure your colleagues are protected as well – if they are not already members they should JOIN THE PSA TODAY!

Further information and updates will be sent to members as it comes to hand.

PSA staff

Roland Harris Industrial Officer

Leonie Wright Organiser

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