North Coast Action Group: Feedback from candidate meetings Tweed Heads electorate - Public Service Association

North Coast Action Group: Feedback from candidate meetings Tweed Heads electorate

In February PSA Member from Community Services Kellie Jermyn met with the Labor Candidate for the seat of Tweed Heads, Craig Elliot to discuss the effect of the unfair NSW Public Sector wages cap is having on workers in our region.

It was explained to Mr. Elliot that members are buckling under these unfair laws as the cost of living increases and the situation for our members on the north coast has been exacerbated by the recent floods. PSA Delegate was concerned about the effects of budget cuts and the loss of caseworker positions on the north coast since the Liberal/Nationals have been in power. The PSA’s campaign to end any further privatisation and to address insecure work was also discussed at length.

When asked about the wages cap Mr. Elliot said that as a public servant himself living in the Tweed Heads region but working for the Queensland government, he is acutely aware that the wages cap needs to be removed. People are leaving the NSW Public Service to work for the Queensland Public Service where wages there are subject to inflation. My Elliot said if we put more money into the pockets of the public service the whole community would benefit, especially a community devastated by floods. If a severe flood was to happen today, what has changed, nothing. The same people would be asked to step up to support the community like they always do and not fairly compensated. Mr. Elliot also said that we need to make sure we are looking after our front line services, so they don’t burn out. This should be through training and development opportunities, early intervention, secure employment, and fair wages.

In November PSA members met with MP Geoff Provest who would not commit to removing the wages cap and voted for this cap when it was introduced.

In the lead up to the NSW election to be held on 25 March, the PSA is campaigning for the overturning of the NSW Government’s wages policy, putting an end to privatisation of the NSW Public Sector and for greater job security for NSW Public Sector workers.

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