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OEH and NPWS – Non-Executive Employees’ Transition Update

NPWS Non-Executive Employees Transition Update – August 2017 (PDF version)

As advised in our previous bulletin, the PSA lodged a dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) regarding the future NPWS non-executive employees’ transition. The PSA and a number of delegates appeared in the IRC on Monday 7 August.

The PSA could clearly demonstrate NPWS had not provided the PSA with relevant information required to engage in proper consultation, such as the number of roles directly and indirectly affected, work locations, recruitment pool design, employment options, status of roles, accurate role descriptions and variations to classifications.

Chief Commissioner Kite supported the PSA’s position, stating consultation could take one week, two weeks, one month or one year. Therefore he would not put a timeframe on the consultation process.

However, the PSA has agreed to meet with OEH management this week. OEH is to provide all documentation the PSA has been requesting to engage in meaningful consultation, including detail on current and proposed structures, recruitment pool design and process, number of roles affected, locations and classifications.

Whilst we appreciate the anxiety of members in this time of change and their need to have some certainty moving forward, the PSA is committed to ensure that we obtain the best outcome for all members. This may take some additional time. However, this will hopefully ensure that we minimise the impact of this restructure on members.

The PSA will continue to engage all our membership seeking feedback to influence this change management plan.

Could you please provide feedback to the following email or your NPWS delegates:

Steve Carter
Ben Owers
Alex Deura
Janet Cavanaugh
Alexandra Wyatt
George Malolakis
John Holcombe
Ken England
Kim De Govrik
Peter Clark
Tegan Burton
Anita Zubovic
Sarah Sabil
Trish Swain
Martin Smith


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