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NPWS return to work arrangement and vaccination requirements

Return to work arrangements

The PSA has been advised some managers are directing their staff who are working from home to return to the workplace. This includes Rangers.

This is not consistent with advice from the Department of Planning Industry and Environment (DPIE) as per the memorandum from the Deputy Secretary (People and Culture) of 29 October. Under the DPIE ‘Transition Plan’ it was announced that staff could return to their normal place of work ‘voluntarily’ up until 10 January, 2022. Please refer to this memorandum for more detail.

We also need to acknowledge that Field Staff have continued to work as normal throughout this pandemic.

Vaccination requirements

There has been some confusion as to the requirements of NPWS staff in relation to the need to have vaccinations. The PSA wishes to remind members that in the same memorandum referred to above DPIE stated

‘Since vaccines were first made available we have been strongly encouraging every eligible employee to get vaccinated.’

It would appear from PSA surveys that the overwhelming majority of members were intending to get vaccinated or were fully vaccinated (this is consistent with similar surveys undertaken by DPIE). The PSA supports members in becoming vaccinated as a return to work protocol by 10 January, 2022.

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