NSW Crime Commission – Award update - Public Service Association

NSW Crime Commission – Award update

NSW Crime Commission – Award Update - Dec 2019 (PDF version)

PSA Industrial staff have had a number of meetings with NSW Crime Commission to discuss the proposed conversion of members from individual contracts to award coverage.

The PSA conducted an Award briefing last week to update members on progress.  A number of questions and issues were put forward for consideration as these negotiations continue.

Some of the issues raised were:

  • Flexitime
  • Conversion to Salary Bands
  • Salary Progression

Different sections of the agency will have different considerations and it is important that all members are involved in collating this information.

The PSA invites feedback from all members on any issues arising out of the conversion by COB Friday 10 January 2020 be sent through to both:

Andrew Wright Industrial Officer

Roland Harris Organiser

Talk to your colleagues about joining the PSA if they are not already members.  New members can be involved in submissions on the Award once they have joined the PSA HERE.

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