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NSW Ministers to face inefficiency, delays and inability to perform roles if Driver arrangement changes go through

Driver Changes - July 2021 (PDF version)

There are significant changes occurring in one of the most under-appreciated areas of work in the Public Sector. Ministerial Drivers are the people who provided the vital role of getting our state’s Ministers around, enabling them to perform the vital duties we, the voters, require of them.

The Drivers work flexibly and loyally. They remain available. They make it happen.

Now there are changes pending. A new arrangement is about to be put in place that removes the allowance that wrapped up the Ministerial Drivers’ overtime, penalty rates and on-call requirements. That allowance not only provides consistency for the Ministers, it provides consistency for the Drivers and their families.

The Drivers recognise the flexible nature of their roles. The Ministers require that flexibility.

Now they will have set rosters and changes will need to be coordinated through Transport Services. 

The Minister can’t contact the Driver direct. Without the allowance they are no longer on call.

The Driver is not required to work overtime anymore. They can finish at the end of their shift.

How many Drivers might a Minister require in the one day? 

It will vary but on some days as well as the two rostered Drivers there may be the requirement for a couple of casuals to fill gaps

How will the new system affect Ministers?

The Ministerial Drivers will no longer be able to garage the car so they will have to commute to Parliament House to pick the vehicle up then drive to the Minister’s home.

What are the chances of the Driver being late due to public transport delays?  


What is the likelihood of needing to change those rosters with short notice? 


What is the likelihood of last-minute changes to the rosters going wrong? 


Decisions are about to be made and experienced Drivers have to make a decision. Redundancy now, or a massive cut in pay.

End result?

For the Drivers; a massive financial impact.

For the Ministers; inefficiency, uncertainty, delays, inability to perform their vital roles.

The PSA has written to all Ministers to outline the above and how it will affect them. The ball is in their court. They have the ability to halt these disgraceful and life-altering pay cuts, which will also directly affect Ministers and their ability to do their job.

Ministers – Stand up for your Drivers.

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