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NSW Police Force consultation dispute

NSW Police Force consultation dispute – June 2016 (PDF version)

Members in Policelink have repeatedly complained about changes taking place and new work being introduced without proper consultation. One such change involves the implementation of the Community Portal.

The Community Portal

Since August 2015, your union has sought to engage with NSW Police about the Community Portal and the impact of the work that it will generate at PoliceLink. The PSA was repeatedly assured that consultation would occur.

In April 2016, we were provided with some information about how the Community Portal operates, but not about how that work would be performed and managed by staff at PoliceLink. Furthermore, NSW Police failed to commit to considering any feedback from our members before the work went ahead.

NSW Police forced to consult by the Industrial Relations Commission

After being informed the Community Portal would commence on 7 June 2016, the PSA urgently applied to the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) to delay this start date until consultation has taken place.

NSW Police informed the IRC the commencement of the Portal could not possibly be delayed. The IRC agreed with this, but did set out a process whereby NSW Police would provide the PSA with further relevant information about the change and then meet to discuss it.

PSA meeting at PoliceLink Tuggerah

The meeting between NSW Police and your union was originally scheduled for this week, but has been postponed until Monday 20 June 2016 because the ‘go-live’ date of the Community Portal has been delayed. We understand this was because members of the NSW Police Executive were not available for the media launch on the original date.

We have asked for staff at Tuggerah to be released from duty to talk with PSA representatives after this meeting takes place. The PSA will also schedule a workplace meeting for members at Lithgow as soon as possible.

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