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NSW Police Re-engineering bulletin

NSW Police Re-engineering bulletin – August 2017 (PDF version)

Last week the PSA (Industrial Officer Susan Emery and Evan Cole Manager – Justice) and the Police Association met with Assistant Commissioner Clifford to discuss re-engineering.

AC Clifford stated no decisions have been made about any changes to or mergers of offices or LACs, which we assume will happen, but these location have not been identified. This does not mean NSW Police is not currently actively reviewing operations. And once the newly appointed Assistant Commissioners have settled into their positions, we can expect more information to be made available.

AC Clifford has guaranteed there will be full consultation with both unions and members’ comments will be taken into account before changes are finalised.

The PSA has been told that, unlike most restructures, the purpose of this restructure is not to save costs. We were told there has been no direction to reduce the number of non-sworn staff. Unfortunately, this does not mean jobs will not be lost as re-engineering progresses, but job losses will be limited.

The Police made a commitment to making sure there is a fair process throughout re-engineering and the PSA intends to keep them to this.

We have been told NSW Police is looking at a shared services model for the realigned Commands, but we do not have any specific information to pass on to members. The realigned Commands will be reviewed in six months and there may be further changes.

The PSA has asked for a vacancy list, which should assist in placing members if jobs are lost.

If you have any questions or comments please send an email to with ‘Police Re-engineering’ in the title and it will be forwarded to the PSA Industrial staff.

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