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NSW Police Special Constables member update

NSW Police Special Constables member update – April 2017 (PDF version)

Special Constables perform an incredibly important role in the NSW Police Force. However, providing security to your colleagues can be dangerous and difficult work.

It is important all staff are informed and aware of the various benefits the PSA membership offers:

  • Personal representation on individual Industrial Relations matters, including after critical incidents, and on Workers Compensation and disciplinary issues.
  • Journey Insurance: Income protection if you are injured travelling to or from work. This was taken from NSW public servants by the O’Farrell Government in 2012 in legislation that made sweeping changes to Workers Compensation entitlements.
  • Provident Fund: A benefit of $3,500 to a nominated beneficiary in the event of a member’s death.
  • Annual Pay Rise: Each year, the PSA fights for an annual pay rise on behalf of its members (currently 2.5 per cent p.a.). This is not an automatic annual increase.
  • Nominate and vote in elections for the Special Constables Advisory Group (to be held shortly) and have a say in how your union is run.
  • Contribute to PSA representations at various Security, WH&S, and Peak Consultative Committees with NSW Police Employee Relations.

If you would like any further information on these membership entitlements, how to join, or to organise a visit in your workplace please contact:

Join your colleagues – strong membership means a strong union!

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Union Membership - Unity Strength Respect

As a union member, you are part of Australia’s biggest social movement. Your union’s strength lies in its size; the more voices we have, the greater our power to bargain for better pay, conditions and benefits. Join your union today.

  • Collective strength; being a union member gives you a stronger voice when dealing with your employer
  • Standing up for your job: the PSA campaigns for a better-funded, strong public service
  • Journey insurance; get protection to and from work
  • Member benefits: get great discounts on a wide range of products and services
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