NSW Police Special Constables (Security) Award Negotiations - Public Service Association

NSW Police Special Constables (Security) Award Negotiations

NSW Police Special Constables (Security) Award Negotiations – February 2016 (PDF version)

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Special constables bargaining team

The Public Service Association is pleased to announce the members of the bargaining team who will participate alongside PSA Industrial staff in negotiations with the NSW Police Force to advocate for the improvement of your award pay and conditions.

Award-making process – member involvement

The award-making process is extensive and your feedback will be sought throughout. This includes:

  • special constables bargaining team
  • delegates at award negotiations
  • member survey and ballot.

Bargaining team members are:

  1. Mark Anglin
  2. Marin Jurcevic
  3. Scott Pitt
  4. Brett Soper
  5. Justin Tamplin.

This team will be your voice in the negotiations process. The team will soon finalise a log of claims which will form the basis of the negotiations and a further update will be provided to members when this is finalised. It is expected that negotiations with NSW Police will commence in the next few weeks.

If you have questions or would like to have input regarding the negotiations, please contact any member of the bargaining team.

What is involved in making the Special Constables (Security) Award?

The initial process involves negotiations between the bargaining team, NSWPF and your union, the PSA, about all of the conditions contained in the award. If, during this phase, negotiations breakdown or there is an impasse the award-making process can be referred to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) for conciliation and arbitration.

Please refer to Industrial Relations Act 1996

Where to now?

If you would like to be involved the award-making process, get in contact with one of your bargaining team members. The next meeting will be held at Police Headquarters on 24 February 2016.

If you are not a member, join today. Only members may vote on what the PSA bargain for on behalf of ALL special constables.

What can you do?

  • Give a copy of this Bulletin to your Special Constable colleagues
  • Print this Bulletin and put it up on your notice board
  • Join the PSA so you can have a say in the Award negotiations process
  • Get involved as a PSA workplace contact
  • Attend PSA training courses.

Update your details – If you have moved, have a new email, work phone, or work location please update your membership details HERE:

Feedback may also be provided to your PSA Organiser Nicole Rufus:

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